Know that your cargo is always safe

Effortlessly ensure your goods and cargo are accounted for at every stage of the delivery process, all from one platform.

Prevent unauthorised cargo access

Get live alerts the moment your cargo door is opened or closed outside your authorised geofence, and instantly contact your driver in real-time to double-check if everything is in order.

A screenshot of a real time alert of a trailer cargo door being opened outside a delivery location and a map that gps pinpoint where the trailer door was opened the geofence
A screenshot showing three cameras live streaming video of a vehicle and driver unpacking the cargo from the vehicle

Secure your goods with live footage

Gain full visibility of your cargo by live streaming up to four cameras and instantly download footage when you receive alerts of potential cargo tampering so you can take action.

Track your cargo on the move

Give your drivers the tools to scan the barcodes of the goods they load or offload from their vehicles, making sure your cargo is always accounted for.

Cartrack advanced GPS technology allows real-time cargo tracking for you to know where your cargo is at all times. The paperless communication solution allows you to be up to date with all the cargo all the time