Reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint

We believe in enabling a greener transportation industry that everyone can benefit from.

Cut unnecessary fuel emissions

Increase your vehicle’s fuel economy and optimise your asset utilisation with insights that help you reduce idling, improve driving behaviour and take more efficient routes.

A screenshot of tips on how to reduce your co2 emission that calculates how much carbon emissions by each vehicle
Screenshot of vehicle registration with vehicle registration on the next mileage when the service

Healthier and cleaner vehicles

Our predictive maintenance ensures your vehicle’s engine, tyres and oil remain healthy, helping you reduce fuel consumption, increase vehicle longevity and decrease emissions throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle.

Understand your footprint and go carbon neutral

Track your fleet’s total emissions, spot trends and understand how your carbon footprint is divided over your fleet as well as what it would take to offset your footprint.

Co2 emission dashboard on of cartrack fleet management for sustainability

Already have electric vehicles?

Connect them and start benefiting with our powerful fleet management on all your vehicles in one place.

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