Delivery Fleet Management Software: Minimise Costs and Secure Customers Now

Is your delivery business losing money and customers? 

Well if you’re in the delivery game, you know you cannot afford to drop the ball when bringing products and services to customers. 

Delivery fleet management software makes securing customer loyalty and business profits a breeze. Take a closer look to see how this must-have software can transform your business.

In this article, you will:

  • Find out what delivery fleet management is
  • Understand how delivery fleet management software works
  • See how delivery and fleet management software helps you make deliveries profitable
  • Identify the challenges with integrating a delivery fleet management software
  • Learn how to tackle these challenges with examples for different industries
  • Uncover Cartrack’s all-in-one software to improve delivery fleet management processes

What is delivery fleet management?

Imagine all the moving parts of a bustling delivery operation; vehicles, drivers, routes, packages, schedules, and customer expectations. Well, delivery fleet management is about successfully managing all of these parts to ensure the successful delivery of a product to a customer.

Through efficient delivery processes, businesses can optimise operations, reduce costs, and promote customer satisfaction.

Delivery fleet management software is a great tool for businesses struggling to overcome late deliveries, frustrated customers and challenges with money losses from poor vehicle/fleet management.

The software can help these businesses address all their delivery challenges more easily.

Delivery fleet management software: what does it do?

Delivery fleet management software involves the smart use of AI to fast-track the delivery process for businesses and avoid money loss while running their fleet. 

It is an everything, all-in-one solution to diminishing the complexity of delivery management, driver allocation, route planning, fleet/driver tracking, cost management and the overall delivery experience. 

It helps businesses take care of five important parts regarding delivery. Namely; avoiding losses from deliveries, increasing productivity, efficient management, delivery driver excellence and finally customer satisfaction.

Here are five ways delivery management software can benefit your business:

1. Avoiding money loss from delivery

Businesses with delivery operations often fail to set clear expenditure limits, this makes it hard for fleet managers to track the financial performance of their fleet, and the wasteful and cost-efficient practices during the delivery process. 

Issues such as excessive fuel expenses, unexpected vehicle breakdowns, poor vehicle management, and inefficient route planning all contribute to money loss for your business. Delivery fleet management software can assist businesses with identifying and avoiding these wasteful costs. 

By leveraging AI-powered route optimisation, incentivising eco-driving habits,  tracking fuel consumption in real-time, and identifying areas for improvement for delivery, managers can reduce how much they spend on fuel and encourage fuel savings. 

Fleet managers can track costs meticulously, negotiate favourable deals with vendors, and implement cost-saving measures to keep your fleet productive

2. Increasing productivity

One of the biggest challenges for delivery companies is completing deliveries faster and getting more deliveries done. Route optimising is a great way for businesses to increase productivity. Poor route optimisation can result in avoidable logistical costs for the business, including increased fuel costs, more wear and tear on the vehicles and unnecessary miles/kilometres travelled.    

In delivery, route optimisation refers to finding the most efficient and cost-effective routes for a fleet of vehicles to deliver goods or services to multiple locations. Advanced software also takes into account complex variables like delivery time windows, load balancing, vehicle capacity, and planning start and endpoints. 

Delivery fleet management software uses algorithms to get the best routes for scheduled deliveries based on the details you upload. So instead of going through endless pages of delivery information, and trying to figure out the best routes, this automated system provides an efficient route you can rely on. 

Using this software managers can also automate the maintenance schedule for their vehicles, monitor vehicle health and extend their fleet's lifespan. This helps reduce any downtime on vehicles.

3. Efficient management

Fleet managers rely on fleet management software, which gives them valuable insights from GPS, telematics, and driver data to make smarter decisions when it comes to their fleet. However, the addition of delivery software empowers them to take control of every element involved in a successful delivery. From processing the delivery details to assigning drivers and tasks to receiving customer feedback after goods have been delivered.

The combination of a delivery and fleet management system can help a business improve asset and team management, keep up with the necessary fleet maintenance, reduce their carbon footprint with route optimising, refine the fuel management system, monitor their data and reporting as well as integrate fleet technology. 

In addition to this, fleet managers get to maintain communication with delivery drivers and customers as they see fit. So that they not only live track their fleet, but they can also check the progress on deliveries and other tasks. This helps them ensure business success as they proactively manage risks.

4. Delivery driver excellence

Delivery drivers love that delivery fleet management software relieves them of planning, eliminates excessive paperwork, and instantly updates them on any changes.

Since delivery drivers perform most of their responsibilities without direct supervision, they often do not interact with managers on a daily basis. While this may seem like a bad thing, many drivers appreciate the sense of freedom, knowing that communication on any delivery changes/updates can be instantly maintained through the software. 

This helps businesses foster a good relationship between managers and drivers because drivers are not left to figure out new routes and other changes on their own. Some delivery software systems even help drivers keep track of their vehicle condition, so they do not miss any maintenance on their vehicles. 

By equipping drivers with comprehensive training, monitoring their behaviour for proactive coaching, and prioritising safety on every route. Businesses can help drivers fulfil deliveries safely

A delivery management system can facilitate the return and exchange process of orders by scheduling reverse pickups, and repeat drop-offs.

5. Happy customers

With delivery fleet management software everything can be automated. Customers can receive notifications, updates on the delivery process, and prompts to give feedback on customer service after the product has been delivered. Since customers appreciate good communication and flexibility, they can also become easily frustrated with waiting for their delivery. So having this automated, helps businesses ensure customer satisfaction with little to no effort.

Part of the customer experience is fast delivery, no additional costs, no missing deliveries and accurate communication about the delivery. Businesses can use delivery fleet management software to streamline this process, as it provides accurate information for businesses to communicate directly with their customers.


Potential challenges when integrating delivery fleet management software

While delivery fleet management software offers numerous advantages, there are also potential disadvantages or challenges that businesses may face when implementing and using such systems.

Here are nine common drawbacks:

1. High initial implementation cost

The upfront costs associated with implementing a delivery fleet management system can be challenging, especially for small businesses or businesses aiming to reduce losses from their deliveries. The costs involved in implementing things like hardware, software licensing, and training for managers and drivers can deter businesses from wanting to invest in the software.

2. Integration challenges with existing business systems

Integrating a delivery fleet management software with existing business systems, such as inventory management, order processing, and customer relationship management, can be complex and may require additional resources. Especially, for businesses with built-in fleet management systems, since often the delivery software is not compatible with existing business software.

3. Data security concerns

With the increased use of technology, data management and security are essential. For businesses working with customers, there may be concerns about the security of sensitive information such as customer details and other confidential data.

4. Complexity and learning curve

The complexity of some delivery software may pose a learning curve for users. Employees may need time to become proficient in using the system, which could temporarily affect productivity. Getting an easy-to-use system is very important when considering delivery fleet management software.

5. Limited customisation options

Some systems cannot handle the diverse demands of different businesses and industries. This lack of flexibility can be a drawback for companies with more unique requirements. Getting software that can be customised for your business needs and specifications will save you the headache.

6. Scalability issues as the business expands

As your business grows, it’s important that your delivery fleet management system can handle the new demands of your business. So getting software that can keep up with your business growth from three fleet vehicles to 100 or more is essential.

7. Difficulty tracking customer satisfaction

Some fleet delivery management systems don’t make it possible for businesses to get feedback from customers on the delivery experience. Knowing about your customer's delivery experience is important, and allows you to improve on your service. The right software should make getting feedback from customers easy, without any additional software or processes.

8. Challenge ensuring safe delivery of fragile products

Businesses delivering fragile or temperature-sensitive products stand to lose and waste their inventory if they do not have a complete delivery fleet management system. A delivery fleet management system can gear up your fleet with temperature monitoring and other sensors to ensure the safe delivery of products and other goods.

9. Resistance to change from employees

Delivery drivers can feel challenged by the digital process and may resist adapting to the new technology and workflow. Overcoming the resistance and ensuring that staff members are adequately trained can be a challenge for businesses. 

After considering all these challenges when implementing a delivery fleet management system, ask yourself, is it the right option for your business? Let’s help you answer that question.

Is a delivery fleet management system right for you?

A delivery fleet management system is perfect for the following types of businesses.

1. E-commerce and online retailers

The cost of delivery is a big problem for retailers,  from shipping costs to delivery fees, this process can eat into your business profits.  

Businesses selling products online can optimise their delivery processes, track shipments in real time, and provide better visibility to customers using delivery fleet management software. This can help them increase sales, reduce delivery costs and enhance customer satisfaction with fast and efficient deliveries.

2. Small courier business

Companies specialising in courier services, package delivery, and express shipping, face a unique set of challenges. Such as labour costs from partner drivers who often use their personal vehicles, long delays because of poor scheduling or traffic in specific areas as well as fuel wastage. 

Courier businesses can use delivery management systems to optimise routes, save on fuel, gain visibility on delivery drivers, or track their fleet, as well as check the progress of the delivery and impress customers with on-time deliveries.

3. Food and grocery delivery

Providing online delivery services has become a necessity for supermarkets,  especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. However, grocers and other businesses in the food and beverage industry can experience losses from their deliveries. Due to things such as labour costs on delivery drivers, poor inventory management, and cost wastages incurred due to late deliveries. Customers are also known to be price sensitive since they do not respond well to price mark-ups on their favourite products. Because of this food grocers find it difficult to offset the money lost from deliveries, with profits from the products ordered by customers.  

These businesses can benefit from route planning, task managing, live tracking and other solutions that can be customised with delivery fleet management software. This can help them keep food fresh for a long time, and give instant order updates to customers which can boost  customer relationships and service satisfaction.

4. Medical and pharmaceutical businesses

At large the pharmaceutical supply chain faces several challenges, including supply chain visibility, drug counterfeiting, in-transit theft and product damage. In the last mile, express delivering medicine and other pharmaceutical supplies can also be costly, and result in losses for the company. Losses from product damage, theft etc. due to lack of fleet and delivery visibility. 

Businesses can ensure the safe and timely delivery of crucial supplies with temperature monitoring, secure transport options, delivery progress tracking, and fleet management solutions, helping businesses increase revenue and avoid losses from their delivery operations.

5. Furniture and home appliance businesses

Furniture and home appliance delivery is not cheap. These types of businesses don’t always have the luxury of waiting until they have more than one order from customers before they deliver. Whether it’s one side table, a couch or 12 office chairs they need to deliver the product to the customer promptly and in mint condition. Any damage or delays with deliveries can cost the business money and customers. 

Companies involved in manufacturing and distributing products such as furniture and home appliances can use delivery management systems to coordinate shipments, manage inventory levels, and optimise delivery routes for efficiency. They can complete big deliveries while simultaneously managing single/smaller delivery tasks, and prevent any damage to their products in the process.

6. Event catering services

Businesses in the food service industry can lose money from delivery labour costs, scheduling mistakes, and damaged or poor quality food products amongst other losses. 

Companies providing party rentals, or drop-off catering can use delivery management systems to coordinate the delivery and setup of equipment and catering at events. They can delight clients and deliver perfection on time, every time, with precise coordination and real-time updates.

Delivery fleet management software has now become a necessity, especially for companies with fleets for product delivery or e-commerce businesses without any fleets.

Let’s uncover the brilliance of Cartrack’s Delivery fleet management software. We’ll show you how this software seamlessly integrates into your current process to turn your delivery chaos into a well-oiled machine.


Automate and streamline your delivery process with Cartrack Delivery

No matter what type of business you’re in, our delivery fleet management software helps businesses selling their products manage their deliveries. This tool helps you take any of the delivery jobs from do to done in the fastest way possible. 

Cartrack delivery helps every person involved in the delivery processes from managers, to drivers and even customers to achieve or experience delivery excellence, here’s how:

Why managers love it

Ditch the spreadsheets and all the manual work from trying to manage your fleet and deliveries. With our advanced software equipping and dispatching delivery drivers has never been easier. The process of capturing delivery details, driver information and verifying fleet vehicle readiness and availability can be seamlessly integrated with fleet management software.

The ‘advanced driver settings’ reduce the onboarding time for managers and with the addition of fleet management software, managers can accurately track delivery progress and driver performance. This is valuable for when drivers have to deliver fragile products. Managers can organise training and guides on how to drive safely when making deliveries. 

Managers also find these two Cartrack Delivery pros extremely beneficial:

Since the software handles everything related to planning deliveries. Managers can foster a better relationship with drivers, and focus on improving the cost efficiency of deliveries.

Why drivers love it

Drivers get to ditch physical clock-in struggles by simply signing into the app using either their username, mobile number or email address. They can work seamlessly even with limited data as they switch between low-data or offline mode in different situations. 

They are also empowered as they receive scheduled delivery updates instantly, and notifications about tasks assignment, cancellations and priority changes. Drivers can also upload images, and supporting documents and capture e-signatures from customers as proof of delivery. 

Drivers also find these two Cartrack Delivery pros extremely beneficial:

  • Work smart, not hard - drivers can stay connected where they are with an easy-to-use app which allows them to work smarter, faster and with no confusion
  • Stay in the Loop - they get instant job updates on assignments, cancellations, and priorities, keeping them constantly in the loop.

Happy drivers lead to delivery excellence, this delivery fleet management software helps make drivers more productive.

Why customers love it

Customers get automated notifications that keep them updated on the delivery progress so they are always informed. They can also acknowledge a delivery digitally, and share feedback instantly. 

They get to stay informed about any delays due to traffic or unforeseen circumstances, so they can plan accordingly. Delivery drivers are also proactive when there are delays and changes, demonstrating their commitment to customer service. 

Customers also find these two Cartrack Delivery pros extremely beneficial:

  • Peace of mind - They get accurate information on ETAs. Knowing exactly when to expect your delivery eliminates unnecessary waiting and frustration.
  • Clear expectations - The upfront communication about any changes ensures you're always in the loop, fostering trust and building a stronger relationship.

Well, there you have it, all the reasons why managers, delivery drivers and customers love Cartrack Delivery but what types of businesses can benefit from using Cartrack Delivery? 

Truth is, almost any type of business that has a product or service to deliver. Here are a few examples:

Types of industries that can benefit from Cartrack delivery

Crush every delivery deadline, whether you have one van or a fleet of 100 vehicles. The Cartrack delivery tool works for everyone and helps businesses get their packages where they need to be faster while boosting profits in the process.


Cartrack delivery helps e-commerce businesses deliver their products faster and streamline their operations. By tracking their delivery progress in real-time, they can improve productivity and make more timely deliveries, and reduce fuel expenses with route optimisation and other fleet management solutions.

Food & beverage

Keep your food and grocery deliveries fresh and get them delivered on time with Cartrack’s Delivery tool and fleet management software. Avoiding losses from waste is one of the best ways for businesses to save money and secure customer loyalty. Food and beverage Businesses can use Cartrack Delivery to plan routes, keep their customers updated throughout the process, and boost productivity. Businesses can also use Cartrack’s temperature sensors to monitor and alert them of any temperature fluctuations so they can deliver fresh goods all the time.

Medical or furniture

From fragile medical supplies to bulky furniture, Cartrack delivery handles it all. Our versatile and customisable software adapts to the unique needs of any business, from small couriers to event caterers. They get to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and deliver a seamless experience to their customers. With Cartrack’s Delivery tool and fleet management software, these businesses can ensure they do not lose money on deliveries, by using various features such as route optimisation, which allows drivers to complete jobs in the fastest sequence, reducing fuel costs and speeding up delivery times.

More reasons why businesses love Cartrack Delivery

Still not convinced? Here are extra reasons why businesses love Cartrack Delivery.

Cost savings

Cartrack Delivery is your money-saving solution for your delivery operations. Our AI-powered route optimisation algorithms trim miles off your deliveries, saving fuel and precious time for drivers.

Seamless integration

Cartrack Delivery works with any business that relies on delivery and fleets for its revenue, from e-commerce to medical supplies. With the addition of fleet management solutions, businesses can use Cartrack delivery as a tool for task management.

Real-time visibility

With real-time GPS tracking, you'll have your fleet at your fingertips. Monitor driver locations, package progress, and performance metrics, all in a single, intuitive dashboard. React to opportunities and challenges instantly, ensuring deliveries always reach the right place, at the right time.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Proactive communication is key to happy customers. With Cartrack Delivery, automated notifications keep customers informed at every step, minimising frustration and boosting customer satisfaction.

Paperless processes

Cartrack Delivery helps businesses digitise their manual processes, eliminating the mountains of paperwork and replacing them with automated tasks and digital proof of delivery.

Cartrack Delivery isn't just another software, it's a powerful tool with an intuitive platform that empowers managers, drivers and customers, Don’t just hear it from us, hear it from a business that uses Cartrack Delivery

Case Study: Calagan Recliners and Cartrack Delivery

In 2023, our Cartrack Delivery solutions specialist, Wayne Sholtz, undertook an experiment to see how our Cartrack Delivery could help a business like Calgan Recliners.

Calgan Recliners is one of South Africa’s biggest furniture manufacturers and suppliers, specialising in reclining sofas and chairs. They are based in Johannesburg and have been in the furniture business for over 25 years.

We looked at the route of one of their main delivery trucks. It had 15 deliveries to complete, which amounted to a total of 195km. We used Cartrack Delivery’s route optimisation feature, and with it, managed to complete all 15 deliveries in 165km. 28km less than this truck would have driven, equating to about seven litres in fuel savings for that truck on that day. 

Through this exercise, we found that if Calagan recliners used Cartrack Delivery, they would save about 13% on fuel costs with just one of their trucks. Imagine the savings on their entire feet?

Cartrack’s route optimise feature is designed to help businesses optimise their delivery routes based on the shortest distance for quicker turnaround times. By integrating delivery fleet management software businesses can ensure more timely and cost-efficient deliveries, boosting productivity and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Cartrack Delivery, your all-in-one solution for faster deliveries

Cartrack provides new solutions for businesses juggling fleet management and delivery. Dispatching and assigning deliveries becomes effortless with our advanced software and the Cartrack delivery app providing an all-in-one solution. 

Cartrack delivery stops businesses from losing money and customers by helping them build delivery excellence and efficiency. 

Contact us for a Cartrack Delivery demo today.

Delivery Fleet Management Software: Minimise Costs and Secure Customers Now

Optimize deliveries, save time & money with delivery fleet management software. Enhance customer loyalty through superior delivery performance.