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November 29, 2017
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February 2, 2018

Setting a Pin for DOT Inspections

Inspection Mode
Now that you’ve gone electronic, you’ll need to provide your logs for inspection with your tablet or mobile device – it’s super easy and secure in the 1ELD app!

Set Security Pin
Before your first inspection, set a security pin. Simply navigate to your user preferences in the “More” menu and select “Security Pin” at the bottom of the list. This pin is used to exit inspection mode, ensuring that DOT inspectors cannot access the rest of your app.

The pin can be any four number combination and can be changed at any time.

“Start DOT Inspection”
When you’re ready, click DOT Inspection and then Start DOT Inspection. The officer can review your logs, and you can send them electronically if needed.

Once you click “Start DOT Inspection,” the officer will see the last seven days of logged activity.

Exit Inspection Mode

In DOT Inspection Mode, you’ll be prompted to use this pin to exit. Additionally, you may need to enter this pin after periods of inactivity or when changing preferences.

Just a heads up – if you are using a mobile device that runs other programs in the background, you’ll want to turn off notifications or enable “Do Not Disturb” so other apps do not interrupt your inspection.

Cartrack’s 1ELD app is FMCSA-certified and compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 49 CFR § 395.8.