Setting a Pin for DOT Inspections
December 21, 2017
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June 5, 2018

Resolving Unassigned Trips in 1ELD

In an ideal world, WiFi and Bluetooth connections are perfect and you never drive through internet dead zones. You begin to drive, the ELD records it all, and you’re good to go. But what happens if you lose connection?

Don’t worry, any engine drive time will be recorded and can be reassigned later once connection is restored. Make sure to follow these steps in order to reassign time and complete your logs.

Unassigned Drive Time
Any engine drive time that is not accounted for can be found in “Unassigned Trips” at the bottom of your log screen.

Reassign Trips
Missing a driving event? Check here before you enter anything manually!

You can select unassigned trips from your list and reassign them to the appropriate spot in your daily log. Simply select the trip and discard or accept each change.

If you create a driving event manually, you won’t be able to reassign trips to that same time, so make sure you check your unassigned events before manually adding anything to your log.

Pro-Tip: Inspections
Don’t forget that DOT Inspectors can (and will*) review your assigned driving time. Try to clear that queue daily so your unassigned time stays at zero.

*You can set a pin so DOT Inspectors can’t look through other data in 1ELD. Learn more about that here.