Asset Monitoring & GPS Tracking

Minimize property and delivery loss by tracking assets globally

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We Stand Behind Our Products

Cartrack is the only company that makes its intelligent tracking devices in our own factories, and the only company with intelligent tracking devices that are still going strong eight years after installation


How Asset Tracking Works


Simply attach our wireless tracking devices onto all of your most valuable assets. From there, we'll use our industry best tracking technology to send vital information, such as geolocation and environmental temperature, directly to your dashboard or cell phone.



  • Modern GPS technology
  • Temperature sensor
  • Geofence ready
  • Cellular broadcasting
  • Up to 3 year battery life


Using GPS, cellular networks, and Google Maps, our management tool provides total transparency into the location and status of your assets. Our advanced communications network keeps tabs on the location and environment of your assets.


Are You ELD Compliant?

The ELD compliance deadline is December 2017. Are your vehicles ready?
If not, you and your drivers may be at risk of fines or worse. Get compliant today.



  • Global GPS tracking
  • Simple tracking interface
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Positioning alerts
  • 3-year battery life
  • Desktop & mobile apps
Customers Rave About Cartrack

"Here's a story. Your devices saved me thousands. I thought I had lost a generator during an event we hosted. I was certain it was stolen. I got a location ping that day, and found it had been accidentally dropped off with another customer. I am putting them on everything valuable now."

- Peter